The Cheese School of San Francisco

What was your design inspiration?

Oye, I think we practically birthed this cake! We really wanted to do something different from what we've done in the past. We went savory for this cake. Our inspiration was some combination of Tom Ford, the Rat Pack, and Count Dracula. Gotta have a little weird in there.

Cheese lovers are fun people! People who hate cheese can't be trusted. I kid! Cheese is great for celebrations because it instantly invites people to indulge. And what do you want at a good party? Indulgence! Also, folks easily bond over their love of cheese. Finally, cheese can be both sweet and savory, so you are hitting more than one note when you serve it.

Which cheeses did you use?

Humboldt Fog Grande, Truffle Tremor, Truffle Tremor Mini, Midnight Moon

Any tips or tricks?

Chances are that the cake will be viewed from multiple angles, so while you definitely want to pick a front, decorate the whole way around. Also, we really love to mix flowers, herbs, fruit, vegetables, ribbons, etc. Just walking through fabric stores and great grocers will give you a lot of inspiration.

About The Cheese School of San Francisco

The Cheese School of San Francisco is the only independent institution of its kind in the nation and is devoted to maximizing the enjoyment and appreciation of cheese. Its philosophy is “eating is learning,” and students are treated to a cornucopia of education and tasting events.

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