Cypress Grove Chevre's dairy lies a few miles north of our Arcata creamery in an agricultural area known as "Dow's Prairie."

Our dairy is managed by a husband and wife duo, Ryan and Annie, who brought a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to the Cypress Grove team… and they just plain love the goats.

The unique location offers protection from the crisp ocean winds while still being close enough to hear the surf's roar. While this region is beautiful and green, our wet climate can pose unique challenges for our dairy managers. Goats are known for their sensitive personalities and their productivity can be affected by the stress of changes in routine or surroundings.

With this in mind, we designed indoor environments that are ideal for the goats and that also reflect Cypress Grove's dedication to energy efficiency and the environment. Our goat barns are constructed from reclaimed, triple-galvanized steel frames and 100% recyclable fabric covers. Natural light penetrates these tensioned fabric covers, offering comfortable temperatures for the animals and cutting typical energy use in traditional barns of equivalent size by as much as 50%.

The Cypress Grove Chevre family is proud of the herd health and quality of the milk produced at our dairy. In addition to producing milk at The Cypress Grove Dairy, we continue to buy locally produced, high-quality goat milk. Our hope is to provide a model dairy to help support our local producers through education on best practices and bulk buying of feed.